The Story of Our Purpose


The History of Live Rough


Live Rough started as a yell in the mountains of Arizona in 2002. As we were digging new hiking trail in the snow of the Four Peaks Wilderness on the Tonto National Forest, Chad let out a huge roar. He sounded like a bear and the roar echoed off the mountains. Immediately Matt and I laughed and let out our own roars disturbing the serene silence. We laughed again and someone yelled “We Live Rough out here!” we all laughed again and continued using that phrase from then on. When we were digging trail, or moving huge boulders, we were Living Rough! Having a great time shredding the slopes, Living Rough! We Lived Rough together and on our own adventures and had a great time.

In 2007 we Lived Rough in a new way. Chad was diagnosed with Cancer. A lame ass style cramp, he said. Chad fought hard and remained positive despite the bleak outlook. Chad passed away later the following summer in 2008 but had such positive energy until the very end. Always worried about everyone else. Always a light in everyone’s life. And still Living Rough in more than one way.

Chad spent some time fighting fire in Montana, building trails in Arizona and Montana, and loved travelling around South America. Many of the shirts we have are in remembrance of Chad and the time we shared with him.

Today Matt continues to travel in South America working in reforestation and other land management roles, Living Rough.

Nick continues to Live Rough fighting fire in the U.S., travelling all over the country. He also designs and prints all the shirts with the help of his wife Jamie. Also featured on the website are original artwork he has created.

Today, with help from family and friends we are Living Rough and helping out in new ways. We strive to use material in our shirts that is eco friendly, such as our bamboo and hemp shirts. Caring for the Planet has always been and continues to be important for us.

We also donate proceeds from every purchase to either the Wildland Firefighter Foundation or the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Please help us make a difference with your purchase. Plus you get a cool, comfy shirt as well!

“Shred thee well, my friend, shred thee well”